Caravan Around Australia

There is no doubt that Australians love to travel, we live in such a big country with open space, endless roads connecting town to town and state to state. Vast pockets of our lovely land to explore, for most Australian travellers caravanning around Australia provides us with the ultimate freedom to independence to satisfy our curiosity for the beautiful country we live in.

Caravanning allows us to cover a great amount of distance, allows us to be in control of where we stay with no urgency and hassle of finding expensive accommodation and are not forced to dine at overpriced holiday eateries. Traveling at your own leisurely pace offers you flexibility in your travels whilst having access to creature comforts of a kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable bed just like at home.

Having a caravan opens up possibilities to a great outdoor adventure where Australia’s backyard is your playground. The benefits are definitely there and the only difficult decision may be choosing where to explore next on you big adventure.  However, caravanning around Australia as exciting it may be, does require a certain amount of knowledge. Whilst some of Australia’s destinations are heavily populated, there are parts where they are not and you’d be lucky to have someone passing by in some of Australia’s most remote outback regions on a dry summer’s day. Having a caravan does give you the freedom but also comes a great deal of responsibility. Planning what is required for any caravan trip and understanding the importance of having the right equipment will ensure that you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere, needing emergency caravan transport or urgent medical attention.

If you ever thought of escaping to the Australian outback or traveling around Australia, it is never too late. Come join me on this journey, an adventure to enjoy life, family and the great outback.  We’ll keep you posted on the latest in all things caravanning, helpful guides, caravan shows, things to explore and what it’s like to be an Aussie Traveller and explore this beautiful Australian country.