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    Default My Journal for East/West Adventure

    Doing a journal will be enjoyable so here goes::
    It,s 2 weeks today from lift off and first part of journey is with my daughter
    Amanda and husband Terry with the beautifull grandaughter Jessica.
    The journey starts with all of us sharing time in London after which kids rent
    a car with Stonehenge ,Bath ,a trip across the moors to Cornish coast and
    then dropping me off in Penzance to stay with a mate while they swing north
    For me after Penzance 16th April to 11th May Czech and Hungary then its
    back west for me to meet the family in Paris for 3 days and catch up with
    grandson Dylan -- Dylan and i wave them farewell and head for Amsterdam
    Berlin & Munich for 2 weeks then he heads home
    Alone again i,ll have 3 weeks Poland then a week in Saigon on way home to
    Never tried this so hope i can put some interesting experience up

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    Wow sounds good Bazza!

    The beauty of journals like this is its just your thoughts. You might like places that others dont and vice versa, but its good to get an insight into everyones travels

    How long are you away for in total?

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    Default a three month adventure

    Three months and it will goes like this
    Leave April 2 and arr. LGW 3rd April
    With family till 12th April [they drop me at Penzance]
    13th to 15th April stay with mate i met in Africa [lives in Plymouth]
    16th April fly Prague [Czech and Hungary]
    12th May fly to Paris and meet family
    16th May Three family fly home-Grandson Eurostar to meet English family
    and me 2 days on the Somme [Western front]
    Grandson and I meet up again 19th May thru 27th Amsterdam,Berlin and Munich and on 28th May train to Frankfurt for his plane home
    Same day after he,s flown I train it to Dresden for nearby Colditz Castle
    where i stay in German guard barracks[castle was POW Camp Oflag 4]
    30th May to Poland
    23rd June to Paris
    24th June to Saigon
    2nd July fly to Melbourne

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    Default East/West adventure journal

    All fotos in my albums I did from
    my computer
    What I tried and failed at was
    trying load foto,s stored in IPhone
    library thru to my travel journal
    while logged in
    Must be some way as I can take a
    foto and if wifi connected email it
    Any savy person can you show me

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