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    Default Australia Study Abroad- Sydney


    I will be doing a study abroad trip to Sydney in May this year and I'd like to know what is ESSENTIAL to see, eat, and do in Sydney. I have three afternoons and one full free day, but travel is limited to what I can do on foot (e.g. no trips outside Sydney, please!). I don't want the "touristy" experience- I want to live and breathe being an Australian.
    That being said-
    Where are the best restaurants?
    What are the most fun things to do in Sydney?
    What should I be wary of when I am traveling around Sydney?
    Where are the best places to shop?

    Any information anyone would be willing to offer would be phenomenal!


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    Bump.....anyone have any info they wouldn't mind sharing?

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    Well, Australians are generally very friendly people. So you could just drop by and approach any locals or visit a specific visitor centre to get any types of info you need. They range from lodging, attractions, food, nightlife and loads of others. Since you will be studying in Sydney, you are bound to stay for a few years down the road. Just be excited and you will definitely enjoy your stay.

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    Default anguished ah."Here Pan Jun was crying, "because of the penury to remove his wife son

    Any newbies to P90X

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