How many of you have heard of my adopted island?
I am setting up a small touristic establishment with accomodation for 6 in 3 double bedrooms to be opened in the first trimester of 2013. Price range of Euro 40-50 for 2 people with breakfast. Services would include pick up from the airport for Euro 5 per person. Planning itiniaries and assisting in bookings for activities during the stay.
I have decided to set this up due to a lack of English speaking persons in the tourism industry here. I am still in the research stage and wish to find out the interest of Australian travellers in the destination and whether the fact that they would be welcomed by an English person in a small establishment where their needs can be considered personally and they can be given personal assistance to help plan their itiniary without big intermediaries who charges exorbitant prices.I would also like to find out more about places i should advertise; newspapers, websites and be exposed to the everyday traveller. I cannot afford to work with agencies and prefer to work directly with the clients. Thxs