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    Default Booking through a travel agency

    Hello All,

    I am looking at booking my first overseas holiday to Bali for me and my partner.

    Do travel agencies let you pay of holidays? If over what period of time?
    Would there be a minimium payment?

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    Hi there,

    When it comes to hotels or tours, generally you can pay this off as you go. Most hotels and tours need to be paid off 30 days prior to the arrival and the reason for this is cancellation fees would set in. So if you book it a few months in adavance there should be no problem with paying it over a few weeks or months.

    However for flights they are priced on a supply and demand basis, meaning once they have sold the first 5-10 seats they go to the next fare which is slightly higher. This goes on for the next 5-10 and then it goes up again and again and again.

    Travel agents can hold seats in for a limited amount of time but the airlines change their pricing every few days. This means that you should book and pay for your flight up front. This will actually save you a lot of money in the long run and save you any nasty surprises.

    When travel agents book it as a package (flights, hotels etc) then generally you would have to pay for the flights and normally a $100 deposit for the rest of the booking (the hotels - which don't need to be paid in full until the final 30 or so days).
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    There are times that travel agencies can give the best activities for tours around your proffered destinations but sometimes, you tend to rush on the activities because there's always a time schedule for everything. If you want to have the freedom to do whatever you want while taking some tour vacation, I guess having a DIY itinerary is one of the best options.

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    There are travel agencies which u help to book the hotels.But now a days you can book Hotels and resorts through their websites.

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    Its all depends on Travel agency because there is different condition for different travel agency.. but yes they can give you enough time to make payment.

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    Many travel agencies provide facility of book hotels or resorts. I will prefer you to booking in advance from the net by your own. It will be more easier for you. You can choose any kind of hotel according to your budget and comfort.

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    It depends on you that how you would want to book hotels. You can book them yourselves also and they can also book them for you. Booking through an agency is good in many manner, in which you can get many offers and discounts also. Your idea is good and you should go for it.

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