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Hacked by sqli-injector

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Thread: Away we go

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    Wink Away we go

    All the saving,planning and excitement has lead to this!!!!
    The bazzaboy,s outta here !! Leave 10.35 tomorrow[2nd April]
    and get into Gatwick early on the 3rd April
    26 years since ive been to England -I am stoked!!!!!

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    Any update Bazza? How are things going for you?

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    Default uk to czech republic

    Twenty six years have passed before finaly returning to Old Blighty and old
    London town still has that buzz and as im with family who are first time o/s
    travelers i let them plan what to see and had a ball seeing their amazement
    looking at 1,000 year and more buildings,abbey,s etc.
    To Bath again [never get tired of this place] and from here we split[meet in
    Paris 13th May] i journey,d to Plymouth 2 days with Brit lad and now my turn
    to get the history buzz.
    Stood at the birth place of USA or more to the point where they borded the
    Mayflower to set sail for the New World!!
    Just a short stroll found me looking across harbour to Europe at the very
    sport Drake watched the Spanish Amarda on the horizion -there is a lawn
    bowls green in exact spot Sir Francis had a bowl that day in history
    Am now in beautifull Prague exploring this magical city !!!
    Wow does,nt seem adequate to describe!! why do i try ,think i,ll just enjoy

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