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Thread: Egypt

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    Default Egypt

    I am planning to include Egypt in some of my future trip plans. I just hope things will stabilize before I decide to go.

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    Smile Egypt

    I had to cancel my trip to Egypt earlier this year so like you I'm waiting to find out when it will be safe again as there is supposed to be elections in September which could bring more unrest? What do others think about safety in Egypt at the present time or in the near future for travel.

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    Default heavenlybody

    my husband and i will be in egypt in march and i am wondering about dress code it important to dress modestly.not because of the sun but because of their customs. any ideas?

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    Where exactly in Egypt will you be going? If you are going to Sharm el Sheikh, you can wear anything you wish. It is not really like the rest of Egypt and it is holiday resort area. Hence, the western atmosphere.

    I just finished my vacation down in Melbourne and bought some SABA Womens clothes and a few Mens Suits for my better half.

    The place is truly the fashion center of Australia.
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