Working people are getting more stressed out than ever before. People are working longer hours, sometimes holding two or even three jobs just to maintain their quality of life. Cost of living is rising year after year, house prices are at an all-time high and there is not enough time in the day to enjoy the things love. It seems to be a constant cycle in most people but caravanning is allowing us to take back control. Whether it is just a short weekend escape or an extended travel adventure, there is something special about hitching a caravan and escaping the hectic life we are all so use to.

Having a caravan can provide us with a sense of freedom along with the added convenience of being able to setup wherever we please. In addition, with the advancements in technology, some of us are lucky enough to work where we want with access to our smart devices and internet hot spots readily available. It is convenient and simple to tow a caravan but there a few things to be considered before heading off on a caravan trip, here are some great tips to prepare for your first caravan trip.

Buying a Caravan

First things first, the all important decision in finding the perfect caravan that caters for you and the family. Thing about whether you want to invest in a new caravan or do a caravan search for an pre-owned caravan. There are many options out there and you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a caravan. There are budgets to suit all types of families, so shop around, speak to caravan professionals, head to caravan and camping shows and work out what you want in your caravan.

Towing and Driving

Towing a caravan is different to towing a trailer. Caravans are much larger in size and can be quite heavy. When towing a caravan, it is essential that the driver takes care on the road and drives responsibly. Smooth and proactive driving behaviour is a must, as any sudden manoeuvres can be dangerous or even prove fatal. If you’re not 100 per cent confident in towing a caravan, try taking some caravan towing lessons. Ensure the caravan you choose is compatible with your vehicle and make it a habit to check the coupling and safety chain before getting in the driver seat.

Caravan Maintenance

Much like a car, caravans need to be regularly maintained in order to keep operating at peak performance. Maintenance checks are not only part of the upkeep of a caravan but also ensures our safety is not compromised. Inspect tyres and regularly monitor the caravan’s brakes during each trip. Caravan brakes do work harder compared to car brakes, so ensure they are not overheating and take note of unusual smells or signs of smoke. You’re car also needs to be serviced regularly as your caravan will depend on it. Check oil, water, coolant levels and inspect brakes, battery, mirrors and lights.

Secure your Caravan

There is no question that caravans are expensive, so the last thing you would want is for it to go missing. Like your car, a caravan sits on wheels which make it highly mobile, so keep your car and caravan locked up whenever you are away. Having a safe to store your valuables is a great investment, but be sure to get insurance for your caravan and contents for peace of mind.

At the beginning of any adventure, it is tempting to skip all the boring stuff and head straight into the fun stuff; part of being a caravan owner is being responsible for the safety of others, it does not take a lot of your time and by performing a pre-travel safety check, you are sure to get your family to the desired destination and many more to follow.